Core Barre FAQs

Holistic Health Coaching FAQs

What do you do in a Core Barre class?

Our Core Barre class works each muscle group in the body in a structured, safe and efficient way. The class begins with a warm up followed by upper body work utilizing light free weights and exercises such as push ups and plank pose. The muscles targeted are the bi-cep, tri-cep, shoulder, chest and back muscles. Students will then move to the ballet barre to work on shaping the thighs, and seat. We conclude the class with a series of abdominal exercises and finally a deep, relaxing, cool down that includes luxurious stretches and focuses on breathing and releasing tension.

How often should I be taking Core Barre classes?

We encourage all students to take Core Barre 3-4 times a week to achieve faster and more significant results.

Soreness and stiffness are usually the result of working muscles you are not used to working in a new and different way. If you are experiencing sore spots it is better to continue to come to class and work through the soreness. You will then find you do not become sore as easily. During our classes we give our students many opportunities to stretch the muscles to relieve stiffness. Plus, feeling soreness after an exercise class is a good thing! It means you actually worked your muscles and will therefore see the results of that work.

Will Core Barre help me lose weight?

If you maintain a healthy diet, which our Holistic Health Coaching can help you to do, and attend our classes 3-4 times a week you will become slimmer. Core Barre classes focus on burning fat and creating muscle density which will increase your metabolism and help you to burn calories, even at rest!

You must also remember that exercise does much more for you than help you to lose weight. The act of exercise has been proven to reduce depression, diabetes and heart disease. It also results in the release of endorphins which makes you feel amazing and can very quickly turn a bad day into a beautiful one.

Is Core Barre a cardio class?

The Core Barre class is best described as interval training. We shift between intense, heart pumping strengthening exercises and recovery stretches. This is the best way to prevent injury and strengthen the heart muscle.

How is Core Barre different from yoga and pilates?

Core Barre is influenced by both yoga and pilates in terms of stretching to lengthen the muscles rather than bulking them up, and focusing on the core to strengthen the back and stabilize the entire body. But, Core Barre takes it to the next level. We work not only on the floor but also standing, doing weight-bearing exercises which build bone density. Our system offers a greater variety of exercises that systematically tone and shape every muscle group in the body.

Why does Core Barre utilize a ballet barre and a stall barre?

We use a ballet barre for balance as well as correct positioning of the body. The stall barre is used before and after class to stretch the entire body. The stall barre is a phenomenal piece of equipment that allows you to release upper body and lower body tightness. It also decreases compression created between the vertebra for a healthier, more supple spine.

Can I take Core Barre if I am pregnant?

Yes. Moderate exercise during pregnancy will help pregnant women to feel fit and healthy. It has also been said that because Core Barre classes create such strong abdominal muscles that delivery is smoother. Our instructors are well-educated in modifying our system for pregnant women so that they can remain safe and still receive the benefits of the class. We do require a doctor's note to assure that you have permission to exercise. Please inform your Core Barre instructor of your condition before class so that they can best help you to participate safely.

Can I participate in class if I am injured?

Yes. This method was originally created as a rehabilitative system. Many of our stretches are orthopedic and are designed to help in the recovery of injuries. Please consult with your physician before taking class to be sure that you are ready and able to participate. Also, again be sure to inform your Core Barre instructor before class about your injury.

What makes HHC different from traditional nutritional coaching?

Holistic Health Coaching covers more than just the food you eat. Together, we look at your lifestyle—your relationships, your career, your exercise program, your spirituality—things that feed you other than food. We call this "primary food" and when your primary food is out of balance, it often affects the food you eat and the way you eat.

Can you guarantee that I will lose weight, or reach my goals?

If you are motivated, I am here as your personal advocate to make change happen in your life. We'll take it step by step, incorporating changes gradually over a 6 month period, and if you follow the program, you will see positive change. Remember, good health is not a race, it's a process, and if you are committed I will coach you every step of the way.

Where can I get the food for this program?

At the supermarket! The best way to ensure quality meals with whole foods and known ingredients is to cook them yourself! I recommend that my clients cook at least 50% of the food they eat at home.

What if I don't have the willpower to stay on the program?

One of the reasons we work over a 6 month period is to incorporate change gradually, which has proven to be much more sustainable than taking home a one time list of "things to do/change". And the beauty of this program is that it is customized to fit your needs. Everyone is different—what works for your Aunt Julie is not necessarily what is going to work for you. We will work on listening to your body, deconstructing your cravings and developing an intuitive style of eating that works for you.

Is your program just for people who want to lose weight?

Absolutely not! I work with people who want to eat healthier, feel more energy or just to create more balance in their lives. It still starts with what we eat—because everything we eat becomes who we are—it's in our hair, our skin, and our mental attitude!

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